Our story

We created the Earth Dashboard as a "situation room" for the planet. Earth Dashboard combines the rigor of scientific data and engaging visualization techniques with the storytelling power of environmental news media to present a new way of understanding and confronting the accelerating planetary emergency.

From wildfires to air pollution to coral reef bleaching, Earth Dashboard tracks the forces imperilling the natural systems that support life on earth, in near-real time, as they are happening. It presents a constant flow of reliable, accessible scientific data on what can and must be done to protect the global commons – our vital resources and ecosystems.

The Earth Dashboard is a joint project of the Global Commons Alliance, the largest coalition of scientific and conservation organizations, Resource Watch, an open source platform which compiles hundreds of visualized data sets from the world’s most reliable sources, and earth.nullschool.net, a visualization engine for near-real time global weather conditions, in partnership with popular environmental news site Mongabay, and leading digital news distributer NowThis Earth.

This is a Beta version. Watch this space regularly for new updates.

The team behind EarthHQ includes:

  • Tim Kelly, Executive Director of Earth HQ, Global Commons Alliance
  • Cameron Beccario, Founder & CEO, earth.nullschool.net
  • Owen Gaffney, Director of Communications, Global Commons Alliance
  • Tea Tuur, Earth HQ Product Specialist, World Resources Institute
  • Willie Schubert, Program Director, Mongabay

For inquiries and feedback please contact Christine Southam: christine@globalcommons.org.
For details and methodology behind the weather data, visit earth.nullschool.net/about.

Earth HQ

A “Situation Room” for the planet. Earth HQ is an interactive and dynamic platform that tracks the forces imperiling the natural systems that support life on earth.